“Think about how different the world was 30 years ago: mansions, cellphones, cars… But writing software still looks almost the same as it did 30 years ago. I believe the writing software industry is due for a change.”

Founder and CEO - Michael Zhou

As a founding member of the Alibaba Group, Michael was one of Jack Ma’s students during their University years. An accomplished Java Architect, he wrote the core code framework for what would become the online marketplace Taobao, China’s answer to eBay. Alibaba, considered to be the Amazon of China, Michael was instrumental in creating one of the largest commerce and technology companies in the world. He now takes his vast knowledge of software and web application development to empower creators through innovative new technologies. Michael started building Writeway to make it easier for everyone to create content.

Our Team

Visual Artist

Alisson Campos

Product Designer                        Market Strategist

Andrea McDougald

Office Administrator

Aris Jamieson

Software Engineer

Chen Jin

Software Engineer

Damon Vu

Chief Financial Officer                Human Resources

Debra Matzner

Product Designer

Elina Takahashi

Executive Assistant

Eric Wang

Head of Research and Development Market Strategist

Gabriel Jiang

Senior Software Engineer

Jason Jiang

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Vision Officer

Michael Zhou

Senior Software Engineer

O’Neal Tang

Software Engineer

Ray Peng

Music Producer

Ricardo Martins

Software Engineer                      Market Strategist

Tea Jay Macalanda-Ung

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