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The “Write” Team

We are a team of 12 compassionate individuals, working across four Canadian cities and three different time zones. Yet, we are united by a shared vision: to deliver the finest writing platform for mental wellness and bring happiness to you.

Senior Product Designer

Inspired Andrea

Andrea M - Senior Product Designer

Fusing art and tech in design mastery

Office Administrator

Balanced Aris

Aris J - Office Administrator

Harmonizing operations and ensuring tranquil office flow

Software Engineer

Calm Damon

Damon V - Software Engineer

Coding serenity and translating needs into digital solutions

Senior Corporate Controller

Steady Debra

Debra M - Senior Corporate Controller

Guarding finances and ensuring corporate balance and integrity

Senior Product Designer

Intuitive Elina

Elina T - Senior Product Designer

Crafting stories and refining every user's digital journey

Executive Assistant

Supportive Eric

Eric W - Executive Assistant

Supporting CEO and making leadership's vision attainable

Head of Research and Development

Angry Gabriel

Gabriel J - Head of Research and Development

Driving innovation, fiercely leading product and research

Principal Software Engineer

Grounded Jason

Jason J - Principal Software Engineer

Solidifying code's backbone, anchoring software's steadfastness

Software Engineer

Focused Matthew

Matthew M - Software Engineer

Detailed coding, precision, and swift software crafting

Founder, CEO

Visionary Michael

Michael Z - Founder, CEO

Pioneering wellness through mindful writing

Principal Software Engineer

Resilient ONeal

ONeal T - Principal Software Engineer

Tackling tech's toughest and ensuring smooth software sails

Software Engineer

Serene Ray

Ray P - Software Engineer

Molding frontend beauty and crafting user's tranquil experience

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Saskatoon, SK, Canada